Monday, 31 January 2011

It's a dogs life?

Oh golly it's been over a week since I last posted which is very remiss of me. In my defence I was away for 4 days last week down visiting my parents. As they seem to have become gypsys in their old age and spend as much time away in their beloved caravan as at home, I have to visit when I can!!
So daisy and me (yes dad I know that's bad grammar) packed our little case and went on our adventures. Although she has been on the train before, only on the local one going from here to Largs which takes about 10 mins! Our trip down south involved three trains and about 4.5hrs.
She was brilliant, and slept most of the way although to be fair I'd had to get her up at 6.30 in order to walk her before we left, and thats about 4hrs earlier than she normally stirs as she's not a morning person/dog.
We then spent three lovely days in wales doing very little, Daisy played with my mums dog Tess and I did some beading and read a couple of books. It was all very relaxing. Then friday we did the reverse trip.
Saturday Daisy Slept
and slept

and slept!!!

Guess she was tired??

Anyway today is the last day of the 1st monthly make as organised by Annie at the felt fairy so have a peak at some of the lovely makes made this month, you'll be impressed..

Me I'm off to beading again tonight and if I can get my camera working will show results tomorrow (oh and last weeks as I haven't managed to photo it yet).


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

yAY! Glad you are back - you were missed! Glad Daisy managed an early holiday! Although she is clearly exausted by all the excitement!

Dazie said...

Oh looks like that was one wild holiday for dasiy! Glad it was relaxing for you, there is nothing better than getting away from it all!

Have fun beading tonight, catch you soon

Jenevieve said...

Poor Daisy, she looks like she must have been exhausted! Glad you had a relaxing time! I recognise the forest in the photo of the train, that's just near Crawford where my brother lives! :) x

Kandi said...

Aww she looks pooped! I'm dying to see your new beading adventures.
Kandi x

Amanda said...

Oh how I do love your Daisy! Did you hear the discussion the other day on the Jeremy Vine Show about taking dogs on public transport? There was a woman getting very worked up about it. I'd love to get on a train and find Daisy sitting next to me! Glad you had a good relax. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Pene, sounds like you had a lovely time away.

Daisy must've enjoyed herself, cute pics.

Claire :}