Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Worthwhile trip to the dentist

I know I talk about Daisy alot but this morning I got up at 7 and 10 mins later Daisy came charging down the stairs barking at the invisible man outside ( there might well have been "something" there but I couldn't see it).
She settled down on the sofa long enough to steal my biscuit and then wandered off. I assumed she'd gone into the downstairs bedroom to sit in her favourite spot in the window. Well after I'd spent a short time on the internet (okay so I got engrosed on etsy again and before I knew it it was 9.00) I thought I'd better get washed and dressed.
This is what I found.......................

Talk about making yourself at home!!

Non Daisy subject...I never got round to showing what I'd done at beading last week, I think this is definately my favourite so far..
The picture doesn't actually do it justice as it sparkles.
I also made this whilst I was away..

Then at last nights class I started on this necklace, I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow and maybe do a matching bracelet..

Today I had to pop into Largs for a check up at my new dentist. I am not a big dentist fan and  my last dentist (a lady) was lovely but 40miles away, and with petrol prices the way their going I can't afford two gallons every trip to the dentist. So when this new dentist opened and he was taking NHS patients I had to change. Well he was very nice and I got the all clear so I can breathe easy for the next 6 months..

Whilst in Largs I thought I'd "do the charity shops" and had a few success's
Little wicker basket with hinged lid £1
 Dear fatty by Dawn French (in case you couldn't read the title hehe) 99p
 Cute polar bear mug with lid (put away for xmas pressie) 99p
I also bought a lovely cream jug with little blue flowers which I have filled with flowers and now resides on a shelf in my downstairs loo for £2.

So that made a trip to the dentist worthwhile!!!

On a final note have a look at Andrea Wills Designs she has a lovely giveaway of 12 of her lovely cards at the moment....


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Bless Daisy, I know a westie who does the same! Especially when he is muddy!!

I love the basket - I am a basket fiend! What a bargain.

The beadwork is gorgeous - it looks so intricate, did it take long?

LaaLaa said...

Daisy looks so cute all tucked up in bed. Mark was on our bed when I left for work this morning and was still there when I got home too. That's the life, eh?! xx

Kandi said...

You clever thing with the beading, it's looking fab ~ you will never be without an impromptu birthday present when you can make jewellery!
Bless your Westie, naughty girl.
Kandi x

emma bear forever said...

Arghhhh bless her, she is so cute x

The beadwork looks lovely but I bet it's really fiddly. I'm sure i would end up turning the air blue!

Thanks for your comments earlier on, I would of loved the rose braclet in red but they only had the cream. I shall have to plot to visit a closer store in the near future :0) x

Amanda said...

Daisy, Daisy, Daisy...how I do love you. xxxx

Amanda said...

Ooops! Forgot to say...love the beading! You are a clever girl. xxx

Betty said...

I love your beadwork - I am clumsy though - can imagine all the tiny beads scattering and never being found! Daisy is such a dear little thing.

Andrea said...

So cute!!!
Thankyou for your lovely comments on my blog. Now Iam a follwer of yours too!
Your beadwork is lovely, I do not have the patience for it! I will have to try though as I would love something like that!
Andrea x

Jenevieve said...

Aww, Daisy looks so cute tucked up in bed!
Love the beadwork, I especially like the first pic of the blue one, such a vibrant colour! Great finds, I like the basket, I always love baskets and boxes, especially wooden boxes - drives Chris crazy as he doesn't understand why I need so many! :) x

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

I love your doggy, what a cuteness. As for your finds, yum and all displayed on one of my fav. Laura Ashley fabrics. Delightful post...

Mystee said...

I have several dogs that do the exact same thing :)

I'm also your newest follower. I found your blog from Monthly Make


Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

I love hearing about Daisy. She's just as cheeky as Alfie x

kirsty said...

Your dawg is sooo cute!
Thanks for all your lovely comments on my blog - I really appreciate them xx

Dawn @ alteredartists said...

Love your cute doggie, I have a Westie too you have to come check her out on my blog and stop by my giveaway too. Pumpkin says hi to Daisy.

Your beadwork is lovely!
OWOH #733