Sunday, 13 February 2011

I think I'm a Bear!!

At the moment all I want to do is hibernate!! I suffer from S.A.D and this year seems to be particularly bad, some days I have trouble even getting out of bed and really can't be bothered to do anything.
But a couple of days ago I go a lovely email from Dazie just checking I was alright as I'd not blogged for awhile so here I am. 
I'd love to say I've been really busy crafting away but no..

However the other day the sun shone and I decided to do something about the worksurface in my craft room, you couldn't see it for "stuff". So dragged in from the garage a couple of pine dvd shelf unit that I'd scrounged at the tip last year. I cleaned them all up but then the next day was grey again so it's taken me a few days to motivate to finish it.
I'm actually really pleased with the extra space it's given me and look clear worksurface!!!
Don't look under the surface though as I'll sort that the next sunny day that comes along.
In the corner is the little pile of pressies and hand made card for my valentine (G I'm sure there's a 24hr garage open somewhere!!!)

Well apart from mumping round the house the last few weeks I have done a bit of beading, mainly in class but finishing off at home
A little simple necklace

A right angle weave bracelet

Single St Petersburg Bracelet
Double St Petersburg Bracelet

A week past Saturday I attended a beading workshop run by the lovely lady who teaches our classes Mairi, and made this gorgeous bracelet!!! To say I was thrilled is an understatement, it did take me about 4 1/2 hrs but was so worth the time and effort.
It has a gorgeous crystal button on the end but I forgot to take a close up of it to show..

So that's what I've been up to, what about you??



bibbitybob said...

I'm so envious of your shelves, they look great! Sorry to hear you've been suffering SAD, I've been feeling the same. It's hard to get out of bed some mornings, but keep pushing yourself when you can :) looking forwards to more regular blogging from you soon xx

Dazie said...

I want you craft room! Infact I think I want to come and have a look in all those crafty cubby holes! What a fab room!!!!

As for your makes well they are gorgeous and I love the heart at the end which I am guessing is to link it? Gorgeous! I may even have to have ago at a beading class they hold them 5 minutes walk from my house.

Take care and hope to see some more fabby makes soon!


P.s. thanks for the tips on fabric I just cant believe how hard it is to get nice stuff for a decent price here!

Ali said...

Thank you for the nosy round your craft area - it looks fab - pinched a few ideas there as it's weird me & hubby were talking earlier today about giving me some extra room. Hope you are back to your old self soon take care xx

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

Lovely to see your craft room Pene. It looks fab! I hope you're feeling better soon. My Chronic Fatigue's particularly bad at the moment and I would imagine SADs has a similar affect on you as my CF has on me. Lets look forward to some bloomin' sun soonx

Sally said...

That last bracelet is absolutely stunning! How was it made?

Sally said...

That last bracelet is absolutely stunning. Was it complicated to make?

clare said...

Your craft room looks great hun(soooo jealous) how you've used DVD shelves..what a fab idea!

Your makes are all gorgeous...take care hugs clare@weekend crafter xx

Pene said...

Sally the last bracelet we made the ladder side first then filled in other side. We used Tila beads,3mm bugles, 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads. It actually looks more complicated than it is, it was just time consuming but worth the effort. I'm thinking of giving it to my mum for mothers day but not sure I can part with it as I love it so much.

life in the wendy house said...

I have said to myself that in my future home I want a craft room and yours seems absolutely perfect (:
It even looks really neat and tidy despite what you say (:

Hopefully the future will bring me something similar (: x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hello Darling, I have not been around much either but still missed you and dropped by to see you! Sorry you are feeling blue, I hope that as the weather picks up I feel better! I bought a SAD light from ebay which is pretty good and I have it on my desk as I work - it was only thirty pounds.

Your craft room is amazing! I love how you have done the cd racks - simple but I still would not have though of it!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

PS. Happy Valentines Day to My Lovely Bloggy Sweetheart! Love Annie ♥*:•.♥

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Green with envy.....a craft room?? I might get one of those, one day, when the kids have flown the nest.

Your beadwork is stunning x

Angela Bell said...

Great room! As a fellow S.A.D sufferer I do sympathis but this year for me has not been so bad. I like the cold bright days and we have had more than usual for Cornwall this winter. Spring is just round the corner!

Kandi said...

Sorry you are feeling down honey, there seems to be a lot of it about. Your new beading is amazing that latest bracelet is stunning, I would be loathe to give it away.
Your craft room is fantastic, the cd racks are a brill idea and everything is tidy but handy ~ perfick!
Kandi x