Monday, 14 February 2011

Storage is the answer!!

A few people commented on the pics of my craft room yesterday so I thought I would share more. When you craft being organised is essential but you don't have to spend a fortune on fancy storage solutions.
I collect ribbon and fabric fanatically and in order not to become completely snowed under by it I have solutions!
This is an ikea christmas decoration stand, cost 1.99 and holds my latest and fav ribbons.
It sits on top of my new "shelves"..
Then there is the drawer of satin ribbon rolls they were a bulk by off ebay a few years ago. I think they came from china and cost about £8 inc postage! I had no choice in colours but they come in handy for all sorts of things, and never seem to run out!!
Then this is my new storage solution, I buy loads of ribbon by the metre and ended up with a drawer crammed full but could never find what I wanted. So large sheet of card cut into 3" squares (I used some corraged card that was packaging from an ikead lampshade!) and a mountain of elastic bands, one evening sat in front of telly and ta da....
I can now see exactly what I have and find things easily..
So thats the ribbons under control at no great expense so what about fabric??
Well the fat quaters live on my new shelves. Unless its for something specific I try not  to buy fabric in small pieces as it works out alot more expensive. But sometimes I relent if its something I love.
My metres of fabric are stored here..
This is two fabric boxes from Ikea £3.05 ea, on their sides (they come in black or pink)
Each fabric is put into a press and seal bag, that way when I use part of it I can put the remainder AND any offcuts back in the bag, no more bags of odd scraps!!
And these wonderful bags cost £1 from poundland.
Of course I still have two large plastic tubs under my worksurface filled with larger pieces and heavier fabrics but thats for another day.
So you see being organised doesn't need to cost a fortune.

Now if you want to see some serious craft rooms become a follower here, some of these women have spent mega bucks on their crafts. We don't all have their purses or space but you can get some great ideas and if you don't have alot of space look at Poppit's cupboard

Okay off to buy more fabric now to fill those spare bags ..



Dazie said...

Well now you are just showing off LOL!!!

I love your ideas for storage! I seriously need some organisation instead of piles of stuff. I think this year I need to have a big sort through I am also gonna get me some of those CD shelves they always have them in the charity shops!


Country Girl said...

Wow! I wish I could come and play in your craft room!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I have that deccie stand and use it for all my bangles! Yours is put to great use! I love the ides of using placy bags for storage and the scraps of the same fabric! Darling you have found your vocation - storage queen extrordanair!!

VintageVicki said...

I love your craft room - I could spend hours in there.

Please come and organise my space for me - especially my ribbon drawer (tis a muddle).

Ali said...

Gorgeous I love having a nosy - fab idea for the loose ribbons mine are all jumbled in a hat box type thing but your idea is fab - do you mind if I pinch it!!

Kandi said...

Flippin heck you have some fab bits and loads of it; can I move in and help you get through it all??
Kandi x

Emma Kate said...

Oh to have a room! Oh to have room lol! I am in the box room at the moment. I am hoping to swap with the 2 biggest bugs and get my Big room back. I LOVE all your ribbons, and the storage solution is fabulous :)

Tabbyroo said...

Glad I found your blog, will take away some organising tips Linda:)