Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Bloggy friends amaze me

The last couple of days have been lovely. I have received some inspiring emails from bloggy friends, lovely valentines from my beloved G and then today a surprise parcel from Emma at Land of Emma
Lovely card from Emma and adorable bag with a Daisy on it, I plan to use it for my beading stuff as I have outgrown my small CK bag..
Thank you so much Emma your an Angel.

Gorgeous flowers and a BIG box of choc from G, thought it was a 1lb box but have just noticed in the pic that is actually nearly 1 1/2lbs!! Mmm as I'm already on the second layer feel slightly piggy lol

Everyone has been lovely and I feel totally unworthy as I haven't done much for anyone recently.!!

So have decided to give myself major kick up the arse, I have noticed that I'm up to 67 followers so have decided once I reach 70 to have another giveaway to say thank you to you all.  Not sure what the giveaway will be but think it will definately inc one of my bracelets. I'll give it more thought over next couple of days and let you all know.

Ooops got to dash just realised Put your money where you mouth is has started!!



Jenevieve said...

That's a gorgeous bag that Emma sent you, how lovely of her! The flowers and chocs look great and don't feel piggy, I would have probably finished it by now, I'm awful with chocolate! Well done on all your followers, it's amazing how they suddenly add up, you'll be at 100 followers in no time! :) x

Emma Kate said...

Oh Pene you are more than welcome. We all need a little something special sometimes :)

Ali said...

Lol - enjoy your choccies xx

Dreadnought said...

Far more deserved than you realise my dear. Psst....it's me. xxxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Glad you feel better babe! What a fab bag, looks just like you girlie!!