Friday, 20 May 2011

Faith hope and charity shopping swap

Have just come across this brill swap and thought I would share it with all you CS shoppers.
It's a charity swap here
and the rules are as follows
At least 3 items, with a maximum of 5.
At least one item must be sourced from a charity shop/boot sale/garage sale/jumble or similar
At least one item should be handmade - it doesn't have to be handmade by you if you're not crafty!
One item should be jewellery of some description
Try and get a sense of what your swap partner likes from their blog posts, pictures etc - and it's not cheating to ask them questions before hand!
There is no minimum spend. If you are thrifting genius who sources art deco jewellery from jumble sales for 25p, all the better! Absolute maximum spend is £12 but there is no need to spend this amount if not necessary - remember you will need to post things too.
Sounds like fun so anyone else what to join?
I am having problems downloading the pic but link is HERE
problem now solved but can't remember how to add link to pic so you'll have to use the link above sorry..


Gorgeous Things said...

Sounds like a great idea... off to follow your link!
Gorgeous x

Bee happy said...

It's a great swap, my names is already down :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Looks like a great swap!

Darling you are one of my giveaway winners - you will have to send me your addy as my email files are not very organised!

Jenevieve said...

That sounds like a great idea, I'm not so good at finding charity shop bargains though! Have a lovely weekend! :) x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I’m just sending out a quick message to let people know their Faith Hope and Charity Swapping partners. Days of spreedsheet fiddling I tell you, if this works it’s going on my CV! I won’t have access to a PC from Tues 31st until June 6th – so any questions will have to wait til I get back I’m afraid. I’m going to put up a quick post on the rules before I go, but for now you can check out your partner’s blog and start figuring out what they might like.
Your swap partner is Angela at Tracing Rainbows
Thanks for playing along!

Angela said...

Pene - I have just heard that I am your swap partner. I maybe a little slow with this as it is half term and I am a bit busy! HOWEVER if you email me your snail mail address that will help! I am at
ang [at] revbob [dot] org
looking forward to hearing from you x