Monday, 16 May 2011

The machines are all out to get me

Now I don't want to sound paranoid but I'm beginning  to worry..
First my camera stopped automatically downloading new photos when I plugged it into my laptop, dispite G driving me insane trying to sort the problem I now can only download them manually.
Then the printer decided it has a paper jam dispite there being NO PAPER!! I've spent ages trying to sort it but again it still thinks it's jammed..
Next the kettle decided it can no longer be bothered to switch itself off. So you literally have to stand and watch it as it boils, and heaven help anyone who happens to leave the room as you come back to a sauna!!
And now the final straw is my sewing machine. I bought a basic Brother sewing machine a couple of years ago after my very expensive Toyota gave me nothing but problems. But I have obviously overworked my faithful Bro and it is now doing silly things. I phoned the nice repair man and he say it sounds like the "timing"? I thought that was cars but I suppose it's an engine like any other. So tomorrow I will take Bro to visit the nice man and hope he can fix it.
It's particuarly annoying as I am in the middle of something and have 2 fancy dress costumes and three birthday pressies to make in the next 3 weeks!!

In the mean time I am now on a diet!! Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not keen on diets having done just about every one ever invented.. and I invariably end up regaining the weight. But needs must and the doctor suggested that it might help if I could loose 2 stone before I go in for my op. So I am now on the slimfast diet. I chose this because I don't have to think about food all the time as it's 2 shakes, 1 main meal (600cal) and then 3 snacks (100 cal ea) easy. I now have a tub full of 100 cal snacks and a full fruit bowl to keep me going.
And having just finished my first week I've lost 4lbs so am thrilled.
Okay off to have a coffee before my laptop decides to go on strike too



Anonymous said...

Well done on the weight loss! I have been doing weight watchers since Jan and I have lost 23lbs so far! I know what you mean about going on all the diets - I am the same!

Good luck with it...

C x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

It sounds as though it might be time to hide under the duvet ;)

Well done with the diet, sounds like a very sensible one to try and follow. Hope the Bro man can sort out your sewing machine for you and quickly xx

Mary Ann said...

A coincidence...I was listening to the radio yesterday and they had a rating of diet plans 1. Jenny Craig 2. Slim Fast and 3. Weight Watchers. So Slim Fast was #2. I think it was based on ease of use and stickability...:)I know that's not a word but you know what I mean.

VintageVicki said...

Oh that sounds like our house the other week - we break it and MrVV fixes it! Think it was 2 printers, 2 computers, a dishwasher and the fax machine!!

Good luck with the diet :)

Kandi said...

You poor thing! It's a bugger when everything seems to consipire against you; I had that last month with my dishwasher and oven breaking on the same day ~ that was an expensive month!
I was recommended slim fast by my hairdresser and tried it last week, it was not for me really as I hated the taste of all the shakes (apart from Raspberry but you cant buy that in tubs). Had the shakes tasted nice I would have stuck in as it was really easy to follow and handy for work and such. Lots of luck hope you stick in there!
Kandi x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Wishing you well with the diet, I have joined weightwatchers and it is bloody hard!!! You have done fabulously!

I know what you mean about machines - bloody things! lol!

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

its always the way, one thing after another, a true test on our spirit. Impressed with the diet, cant get my head around my diet at the moment, all I want is chocolate, keep up the good work...If you lived nearer you could use my spare machine whilst yours gets fixed, after this happened to me on numerous occasions I made a little investment in to my back up machine...