Sunday, 17 July 2011

Couldn't wait..

I know I said I wouldn't unravel my magic ball until Kandi received the one I'd sent her but curiosity got the better of me yesterday afternoon and I needed a break as had spent hours photoing and listing "big" clothes on Ebay.
Well I'm glad I did because I'm thrilled with what I received..
 knitting needles
lovely mini pegs
 divine smelly bath bomb
 handmade needle case
 oh mini stamps i love those
 chocies yum yum now in my tum tum
 2 of Kandis lovely melts no wonder my parcel smelt so yummy
 and CK tissues
and thats only half of it!!
I am resisting unraveling the rest for now (especially as I have a red wine headache at the moment, not good - the headache not the wine which was too good!)
Okay need lots of coffee and then back to ebay listings.


Kandi said...

How good are you? I wouldn't have been able to wait that long, I'm too nosey! Glad you like the bits so far; I had a panic that the chocolates would melt and ruin the wool
Kandi xx

Dazie said...

Wow what lovely goodies cant wait to see the rest!

gill said...

Oh dear - a red wine headache??? just remember how many calories!!!!!!!!!!!

mad about bags said...

i didn't take part in this swap - now wishing i had what wonderful goodies can't wait to see what you receive in the second half!!!
i too need to list some "stuff" on ebay really must get cracking have a super sunday hope your headache goes away soon

Jazzi said...

What a great idea!! mom loves it and is thinking about doing that fur my Uncle Ed, BOL


belleandboo said...

what a brilliant idea, you have a lovely blog.

VintageVicki said...

Lovely so far :) Look forward to see whats inside the rest of the ball.

Hope your head is better now xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

That magic ball is a fab idea - I love it. Hope you had someone to help you rewind it all again!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

I loved unraveling mine too! You have lots of lovely stuff thee!

Bea said...

Hi Pene,
Loving your blog! I'm Sharon's best friend, and was very jealous of her goodies prize! I absolutely LOVE the present ball idea! I think I'll have to do one myself if and when I get enough followers!
thanks again for the lovely readables!
Bea x