Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Short and sweet thank you

Hi I really need to buy a new camera, mine has been playing up for awhile making a funny grinding noise and now nothing!! Maybe I wore it out at the weekend photoing things to list on Ebay and maybe it's just old and nedds replacing. I have had it 4 years which isn't really anytime but I've taken over 30,000 pics in that time and I take it everywhere with me so it's abit battered..
So no pics today which is a shame because I received my Faith Hope and Charity shopping swap from Angela and wanted to share it. So I'll have to try and describe as best I can.
I received a collection of embroidery and tapestry threads which are always useful, lots of ribbon, a little fabric basket with some soap in,a tissue case, buttons yeah I love buttons and a lovely necklace which I'm dying to share with you. It's made of white and amethyst quartz chips and haematite cubes, I didn't know haematite was magnetic?? So it's a lovely long strand that I can wear as a necklace or a bracelet brilliant thanks so much Angela I love it and will inc pics as soon as the camera situation is sorted.
Oh Angela and Sharon I posted your parcels out Friday so you should get them mid week, Kandi your went Thursday 1st class recorded and once again royal mail seems to have let us down as you should have had it by the weekend!!
I really wish the mail would get their act together as it's not exactly cheap!!
Okay moan over.................


Anonymous said...

Recieved your parcel this morning! And WOW! Its all wonderful! The ladies at work insisted i opened it this instant and i had to spread it all round the desk to see it all!!! I have put a picture on my blog to show the world how many wonderful items i won!

Angela said...

Thank YOU Pene - your WONDERFUL parcel has just arrived - you musthave spent a FORTUNE on the postage. It has really brightened my day [wet and gloomy here, ebven tho it is mid July]
love an dblessings
Ang xx

Country Girl said...

Your swap parcel sounds lovely - hope you sort out your camera situation soon.

famfa said...

shame about your camera. Your present looks fabulous. Love the stories and pics about daisy.