Friday, 8 July 2011

Giveaway day 4

First can I say thanks for all the messages of support after the unsuccessful interview yesterday! I took voluntary redundancy 27 months ago (so I guess it's my fault I don't have a job!) but at the time jobs were still around. Now the job market is ridiculous, I'm a qualified account technician, part qualified accountant and have 20 years hospitality management behind me but find myself competing with legal secretaries, engineers, teachers, highly qualified ( and often my younger!) people for the most basic of jobs. I 'm lucky that G has a good job but am getting the feeling he doesn't think I'm trying, it can be very depressing!!
However I  have my crafting to keep me sane and of course your lovely company.
So what do we have today?
As I'm feeling abit grey I have decided to add some
***BLING ***
Over 2m of gorgeous red sequins, perfect for jazzing up some lovely make!!

Do you know I keep finding stuff in my craft room, and I have no idea when or where I got it? Sound familiar to anyone?
So you know the rules, must be a follower and leave a comment, and you get an extra chance to win every time you comment on a giveaway post.
Closing is Tuesday 12th July at midnight

So theres plenty of time left to enter.
See you all tomorrow


Anonymous said...

Oh thats gorgeous and sparkly! Don't blame yourself about your job hun!

C x

Mary Ann said...

I recently moved to new craft/sewing room in my house and I was amazed at some of the stuff I had that I had completely forgotten about which goes to show I didn't need it in the first place.

Dazie said...

Hello hun, hope you are feeling a bit better today, I am positive some thing will come along for you soon.

Have a good weekend

moonstruckcreations said...

Yeah the job market is a bit rubbish isnt it? But Im sure there is something out there with your name on it, just keep on keeping on!!

And I would love to be entered for this delightful bit of bling please!


Caroline said...

oooo BLING!

gill said...

Keep looking! Something will turn up!! ( or so I keep telling my daughter!)
Love the bling

monica said...


Betty-thewoodfairy said...

Oh please add me to your list of hopefuls. Work is thin on the ground everywhere - we are getting clever, overqualified people joining our call centre and it's quite depressing to see men who have managed people doing my job when they could do so much more. I think you should be proud that you have kept going in a recession with your own crafts/etsy.

Ali said...

Keep smiling, I am sure something will come along - probably when you least expect it xx

Kandi said...

Just had a giggle at your comment, you should have left it in :0)
Mine is all packaged up too, I was suprised at how big it was, I'll post out on Monday and you can use that box to post back if you like?
Kandi x

Liz said...

Not many jobs around at the moment - I'm looking too! Something will turn up, don't be discouraged!

The undomesticated scientist said...

Sparkle sparkle

Dinki Dots said...

You are being very generous with all these extra things in the giveaway!
Maria x

Anonymous said...

Red Red Red! Its my favourite colour and i am such a magpie for bling! I was this close (__) to having a red wedding dress!! WIth sequins too!

Chin up on the job front! We all have faith in you getting a job that is right for you!