Thursday, 7 July 2011

Giveaway update day 3

So how is everyone today? I've had a very unsuccessful day, had a job interview which I'm not holding out any hope for. I'd applied for 9 jobs with the council in the last month and the one I got an interview for was a part time maternity cover for 3 months grrr.. Oh forgot to mention minimum wage grrrr.
Anyway have decided not to think about it or the twelve year old in long trousers who "interviewed" me!
Right back to the job at hand and the reason your all dropping by
"the Giveaway"

And today I'm adding TEN mini rolls of deco tape to the pile!

Okay off to drown my sorrows with cold coffee (don't ask)
See you tomorrow and remember every time you comment on any of the giveaway posts you get an extra chance to win.
Clossing is Tuesday 12th July  at midnight.


Roza said...

i'm not sure what i have to comment for this part?
i'm guessing it's our favourite colour again so i'm going to say purple :) xxx

VintageVicki said...

Doesn't sounds very promising on the job front :( Hope something comes along soon.

I've been chasing my tail today - big event at the weekend I seem to have got roped into and then meeting at my youngests new school tonight.

Just poured a well earnt Pimms :)

Ali said...

Ah just think of all the crafting time you will have until something comes along - that tape looks fab not seen anything like that before - take care xx

Dazie said...

Big ((HUGS)) I hope some thing comes up soon on the job front!

Enjoy your cold coffee (yuck) And thank you yet again for the chance to win. That tape is amazing where do you get it?

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Sorry to hear about the job interview. Difficult times I know.

Kandi said...

Sorry to hear about the jobs, wouldn't it be fab to make a living from the things you make; I'm sure you could. That's my little dream x

Miss Pixie said...

Sorry the job interview didn't go perfectly. Hope you find something soon!


Mary Ann said...

Pretty Tape:) Good luck on the job hunting front. My son is still looking for full time and is doing whatever he can find. It's not fun having to go for interviews and have to repeat the same stuff each time.

monica said...

partecipo volentieri...grazie

gill said...

Good luck on the job front!
My daughter has just graduated and is looking for work - she's applied for loads and so far has had one interview! so she's waitressing!!

Betty-thewoodfairy said...

This is turning into a very big giveaway - I would have been happy with todays additional alone! hope you get some luck with the job hunt - so many cut backs mean so many people chasing the same jobs. Bettyx

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

Sorry to hear about the job interview, although you did make me giggle with the 12 yr old comment :)

August Paddock said...

Sorry about the job interview - its tough out there at the minute. Beautiful tape though! x

Rosie said...

Wow what an amazing giveaway! Please count me in.So sorry to hear about the job interview situation but something will come along I'm sure. Keep positive x

carrad said...

Sorry about the job front - I work for the Council and still not sure if I'll have a job much longer. Looking forward to giveaway - today I am mostly liking "decotape" as my favourite colour! :) xx

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tapes! :o)

C x

Caroline said...

Sorry about the poopy interview!

Fraggle Emma said...

Ah Pene it can get you down.

I had a job for the local council and worked there for years and applied for a diff job (with many posts) elsewhere in the council.
My interview was so so and I got declined the job.... it was less skilled than where i was currently working in the council... sometimes things just dont make sense. It did get me down, but youve just got to plod on havnt you :/

I'd love to be included in the giveaway xx

The undomesticated scientist said...

Hummmmmmm, tape.

Dinki Dots said...

Oooh, lovely deco tape! :o)

Anonymous said...

Sorry the interview didnt go well. I will be thinking positive thoughts for the next one!!!

Loving the tape, if i dont win i may have to invest in some anyway!!