Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Man Shopping?

Am I the only person who's husband spends weeks moaning about doing his christmas shopping and then finally gets round to it a couple of days before christmas!!! hmmm
Let me explain, G has to buy presents for one person!! I can hear all the gasps yes girls just one and that's me. I buy for absolutely everyone else, his family, my family and ours (I bet it's the same in your house?).
 So yesterday after weeks of endless moaning about doing his shopping he decided that we (yes I did say we) would go into Glasgow to buy presents for me. What he wanted was for me to go round the shops and point out things I liked then I would come home and he'd purchase a random selection! (I have been dropping hints for months but obviously on deaf ears) Sounds so easy BUT I been here before, by the time we've visited half a dozen or so shops then had lunch he can't remember what I pointed out where! So this year I armed him with a note book and pen so he could write himself a list as we went round, organised hey. I even put all my sizes, colour preferences, fav shops and brands in the front just to be extra helpful.
So we arrive in Glasgow, visit the Cath Kidston shop, I drop heaps of hints. Then onto the continental market which was dismal and a complete disappointment. Next Monsoon and Accesorize again loads of hints and onto starbucks for coffee and a yummy sticky ginger muffin (it's okay I'm allowed I was at the docs to be weighed first thing yesterday morning and as I've now lost the grand total of 25kg I'm giving myself a breather over the festive period). Anyway whilst devouring my half of the yummy muffin (lol you didn't think I'd eat a whole one?) I realised that I hadn't seen him write anything, his response "oh I thought you'd do it!!" G then received a stern talking to which I won't go into details about but included "I'm not your mother", "your 55"," if you loved me" oh yes and "for gods sake"!
Anyway more shops were visited more hints given and I did see him write something in John Lewis but can't garauntee it wasn't something for himself.
So we had a lovely lunch in John Lewis (their food is always great although service is slow) and then I left him to get on with it. As I had nearly an hour to wait for my train I decided I'd have a little mooch around the shops myself not that I needed to buy anything as I've had all my presents for ages.So I ended up in accessorize again and there I found the most gorgeous little jumper and leg warmers for Daisy of course, they're navy with a lovely fairisle pattern just so so cute how could I resist. So no photos yet as I wrapped them as soon as I got home but will put loads on at christmas.
Well between leaving G at the shops and getting home I had 4 phone calls the ultimate being "you know that thing you said you really liked what shop was it in? oh and what was it?"



VintageVicki said...


I had years of that and things that weren't quite right - now I just email MrVV an Amazon wishlist and direct links to things I like elsewhere!!! Saves so much stress!

Liz said...

Sounds typical! Hope you get something nice!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

The undomesticated scientist said...

this gave me a good giggle. Mine sends me links from the internet and asks what i think. Mainly he internet shops, i make him do his family because i feel he has to make some effort. (its abit like my stand on not putting his clothes away!).

Kandi said...

Oh that made me smile! I learned years ago and we set a budget and go out and buy whatever we want for ourselves and we buy each other a token suprise and that's it!
I always get exactly what I want and it's stress free, hassle free and there are no returns in the New Year!
I use that same line on my hubby - I tell him (I have 4 boys) ' when people ask how many kids I have I always say 5, 2 are 12 2 are 16 and one is 40!'
And breathe...
Kandi x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh Pene, what a palavar. I can sympathise.

I've taken to writing my partner a list. It's the only way....

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Amazing weight loss darling!

Re men and shopping, you could have been writing my story! Last year I pointed to a bag and when I opened it at Christmas it was a hideous one next to it that he had bought!

Pene said...

Haha Annie I am fully expecting something similar. He has already handed me a pair of santa socks he'd bought only problem he didn't notice they were an age 3 - 6?? I'm not holding out much hope lol.
Vicki I've been sending him wish lists for ages but he won't shop on the internet (well only if I'll pay for it?)so no doubt he hasn't even looked at them..
Kandi years ago he turned round to me and said could I not just buy myself something and he'd pay for it, so I bought myself so I bought myself a beautiful 18ct gold watch in a gorgeous wooden jewlery box!! For some reason he's never suggested this again?!
Hope you all get loads of yummy pressies from your other halves, me I'll just be grateful if it comes with a receipt
Big Hugs
Pene x x x

Kirsti said...

Hi...just popped over via The Felt Fairy to say I am joining in the Monthly Make...hope to keep up with you through 2012...Merry Christmas...

Kirsti xx

PS...My hubby doesn't buy for

Mary Ann said...

The male shopper that drives me mad is my brother. I'll give you a typical example....Christmas Eve...the shops close at quarter to six I get a call from him asking what size slippers should he buy our mum...I mean really. Talk about leaving it to the last minute. He always shops on Christmas Eve and over the years I have received some very odd gifts from him:)

Kitty M said...

Lol that sounds like my husband typical men!

Thankfully we have had a little baby this autumn, so I think my husband is relieved we are focusing gifts on the baby this year.

I love your blog and your little dog :-)