Thursday, 19 January 2012

A case or two!

A week ago I gave you a sneeky peek of what I was working on, Well I finished it the next day but of course was then slightly distracted by the water in the garden problem! so forgot to add it to my post. Here is the finished item..
 It's a kindle case! I know I don't have one but G does and I'm sure he'll get fed up of it and so it'll end up with me, I'm all prepared!!

A few weeks ago I showed you the crochet hook case I'd made for my new hooks in anticipation of the classes I was starting last Friday. I can stick my hands up and say I have finally found something I can't do. After an hour I had pain in my neck and arm and a splitting headache? and it was a two hour class! Anyway all is not lost as lots of the ladies admired my hook case, in fact I got two definate orders. So this week I have been making more cases to take along.

I ended up making 6 whilst I was at it, any I don't sell will go on my etsy shop for the time being and I can always take them to my next fair.


Kandi said...

Your kindle case is beautiful!! I like your plan to finally end up with it :0)
The crochet problems might have been because you were concentrating really hard and holding it all too tight, keep trying it will become easier, honest! The crochet hook cases are stunning too, you clever thing you!
Kandi x

Dazie said...

Oh I love the kindle case and the crochet needle cases are fabulous! I am trying to learn crochet by myself and so far I can do a chain and thats it lol but I am going to keep at it I am very determined

Catch you soon

Angela Bell said...

They are really lovely and unique,clever you!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...


Shirazza said...

Your cases are all lovely!!!

I used to get a pain in my neck too when i did some crochet. I don't now because i focus on relaxing my neck but on the odd occassion i do manage to loose all the feeling in my little finger!!! I definately hold it too rigid! Keep going and i am sure it will begin to flow like it does generally for me.

I have a kindle and may have to create a holder/pough after being inspired by yours!

Katie, Julep and Derby's Mom said...

I was doing a little blog-hopping and came across your blog - what a cute little westie you have! Stop by and visit my two westies Julep and Derby - you never know what you'll find ... westies plus everything else!

All the best - Katie from day we'll make it to Scotland -