Saturday, 21 January 2012

All gone

Took the crochet cases to my class yesterday and sold them all!
As for my feeble atempt at crocheting I am now doing Tunisian crochet!! It's abit like a cross between crochet and knitting as when you work one way along your putting the stitches onto the needle and then when you work back your taking then off. So I'm going to keep on praticing that till next week as it's helping me with my "tension" problems, then maybe I can try normal crochet again?

The garden is still abit of a disaster zone at the moment as all that water flooding through has revealed a water pipe!! Of course you phone scottish water and they know nothing about it but hopefully come Monday things will start to return to normal as the plumber is coming(with his wetsuit!) to fix it.
In the meantime Daisy is limited as to were she can go as now we have no fence and loads of big holes! So she's taken to just sitting in the middle.
All cosy in her new jumper.


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Ha Ha well done on your two finger up to crochet, I think sometime we have to admit that some crafts come naturally! You are a real diva with a machine and many crocheters will envy you!

So, you have a swimming pool in your garden! ;-D xx

Liz said...

Daisy looks so cute in her little jumper. Hope you get your problem sorted soon.
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

moonstruckcreations said...

Im not surprised your cases got snapped up so quickly, they are stunning!

Poor Daisy, hopefully normal service will be resumed for you all soon.


Jazzi said...

Those cases sure look good. No wonder you sold them all. Love the sweater, it is very cute!!

Jazzi and Addy

carrad said...

Loooove those cases! xxx

Dazie said...

I love daisy's jumper she looks gorgeous!

Well I have started to crochet, have my hook and a book so fingers crossed and with a little bit of patience ( I lack these ) I might be able to create some thing!

I do hope the garden gets sorted soon and well done for selling all your cases!

Sheila said...

Bless Daisy sitting in the middle, she looks very adorable in her little jumper!
She is being very good, she could go bounding into squelchy puddles and pouce around all muddy and messy. I hope the pipe gets fixed soon, we have enough trouble drying the ground anyway!