Wednesday, 4 January 2012

If the wind blows

Okay so the weather outside is pants, didn't get round to posting yesterday as the wind wiped out our fence! So I spent 2hrs with G and our neighbours trying to save what was left. Oh did I mention not only was it blowing a gale (windspeeds over 90mph!) it was bloody haleing!! I apologise for my language but it was so painful!! Anyway we now have what I suppose an estate agent would call an "open plan" garden which is a right pain as it means I can't let Daisy out on her own. Not too much of a problem today as she doesn't seem to want to leave the sofa but!!

So apart from demolition work I have been being crafty.

 I bought this lovely multi coloured wool before christmas (so prior my resolution) and although I'm only a very basic knitter decided to knit a scarf to go with the gorgeous olive green suede coat I bought at the BHF a few weeks ago. I don't normally go for green but couldn't resist the coat as it was cheap and still had all the labels on so brand new!! It also has lovely fur trim around the hood so an extra gorgeous point. But I digress, so I knitted the scarf and added fringes!!
How do I break it to Daisy that it's not for her? Maybe I'll just have to knit her a little one as well?

G went back to work today so I was able to get in my craftroom for abit, he's been monopolising it recently as he has an exam in two weeks and is frantically revising. By frantic I mean he's known that this has been coming for ages but as usual left it to the last minute to swot up huh men!!
So this afternoon I did a little bit of sewing and made a case for my new crochet needles (probably a good idea as the reason I had to get new needles was I've lost my old ones, erh by lost of course I mean put them somewhere safe??)

So I'm still on track with my resolutions, now what shall I make tomorrow?



VintageVicki said...

What a good idea your needle case is. I've got a new tin for my crochet bit but the needles keep rattling around - I'll add one of those to my too make list :)

Daisy definately needs a scarf too ;)

Kandi said...

Crafty indeed! That scarf looks so toasty poor Daisy being tempted with it.
This weather has been shocking here too, I've been confined to barracks and it's just as well I don't want to head out in that!
kandi x

♥ emma bear forever ♥ said...

I love your scarf, well done. Looks as though Daisy might try to snaffle it off you though x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Wow, the needle case is splendid. Love the piccie Daisy with your scarf. Sorry to hear about your fence,what a pain.

Claire said...

Pretty hook case and a toasty looking scarf x

ChloƩ said...

What a beautiful case you've made and I love both your and Daisy's scarves! Gorgeous yarn's and fabrics x