Wednesday, 15 February 2012

CK or Making?

Today I had to go into Glasgow to put the MIL on a train home and thought it would be a good excuse for a bit of retail therapy in Cath Kidston.

I'd seen this bag on their website and thought it would be great for my cruise late this year, but needless to say they didn't have it in the store.

Love these brooches/badges and at £4 ea quiet reasonable but again not available!

They did have one of these cute medal/badges £8 but it was broken!

Oooh this is lovely but at £28 !! Not coming home with me.

Oh yes looooove this little red leather bag and as I didn't get it for valentines day I am going to be heavily hinting for Mothers day (only 5 weeks!!)
So I wasn't having much luck then thought I'd buy fabric, can't go wrong there and I'd been wanting some of the blue cotton with little stanleys on it for awhile.  Forget it they'd run out! I could have got a fq of it if I'd bought one of the fq bundles but £25 for 8pieces some of which I don't like..

So I went to the train station and bought a Making magazine instead!!
£4.99 a bargain!!


Dazie said...

Oo lots of lovelies there, some times there is a reason we come out of KK empty handed, dont ask me what it is but there is a reason lol

I bought that mag and love it, I think its just a tiny bit better than mollies makes, it has far more stuff to make in it rather than all the chit chat.

Catch you soon

LaaLaa said...

Oh no! What a pain. I hate it when I go to CK and they've sold out of stuff. It seems to happen a lot. I hope you enjoyed your magazine. xx

Liz said...

How disappointing for you! Never mind - you can now make some original lovlies!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Bee happy said...

I just hate it when things are out of stock! CK has some gorgeous things in, I am waiting for a Kindle case to be in stock :( at least you bought something and crafty at that, enjoy your read.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!