Friday, 17 February 2012

Feeling guilty

Yesterday I got to go into Glasgow AGAIN? As you know the day before I'd taken my MIL to catch the train, whilst we'd been at the station she'd tripped and although we'd both thought that she was fine when she got home G's cousin decided it'd be best to get her checked out and she's broken her wrist!
 You can not imagine how bad I feel about this as I feel it was my fault, after all I was supposed to be putting her safely on the train. So yesterday I went with G back to the station to show him where it had happened and report it which was rather stressful.
When I got home I decided Daisy deserved a trip to the beach as I'd had to leave her on her own two days on the trot  (another thing I feel guilty about)!
So to ease my guilt fractionally we spent an hour romping around the beach.

Okay mum I've had enough now it's getting cold time to go home!


Jenevieve said...

Aww, it's not your fault, these things just happen, unfortunate, but you shouldn't feel guilty. I hope she's feeling better now and the wrist heals up quickly. Daisy looks like she enjoyed her walk on the beach! :) x

ChloƩ said...

Just popped by to say that I would like to award you the Liebster Blog award, details on my blog - Clobelle x