Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A lovely reminder

Last year I was lucky enough to go on the best holiday ever! To celebrate my 50th G booked for us to go on a cruise to Norway and he went whole hog booking us a suite with a balcony and a butler to boot.
It really was unbelievable, Norway was wonderful and the ship was beyond belief. Well that was 13mths ago and we regularly talk about it and about how much we want to do it again (when I get a job or we win the lottery lol). Then last night G came home very excited as he'd found out that Sapphire was in Greenock and due to sail down the Clyde right past our house! So we couldn't resist jumping in the car and going down to Portencross to get the best glimpse of her..
Coming down from Largs and Millport..
Passing Little Cumbrae..
Once the pilot boat had left heading into open water..
Gosh I could even see our cabin on the top deck!...
Then passing Arran heading down towards Ireland, next stop Douglas on the Isle of Mann.

I felt quite sad seeing her sail off into the distance but it has made us determined to go again, maybe next year...

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Sheila said...

Oh it looks so beautiful, i hope you get to go again next year.x