Sunday, 15 September 2013

Scrap Mat Sunday!!

Well the weather outside is disgusting, grey, wet and blowing a gale so there's nothing for it but a bit of sewing!!
Today I'm going to share how to make a scrap mat using up some of those scraps.
You'll need scraps of fabric
Something to add padding to your mat, you could use synthetic wadding, batting but my favourite is old blankets, I bought a couple of large wool blankets in the charity shop and at £3 ea you get a lot for your money plus your recycling and it's natural fibers! Oh and you'll need some bias binding or a long off cut.
Well I have heaps of blanket circles left over from making  wreath last Christmas so I'm going to make a round mat. I'm not going to give any sizes for this project as you can make them as big or small as you like.
First put your center piece in the middle, you are now going to work round it  a bit like a random log cabin design. Lay you first strip face down and sew along bottom edge. Remember you are working outwards.
Now fold your first stitched strip out and press in place, you will find its much easier and tidier if you iron as you go along.
You are now going to continue working round, stitching
and ironing as you go. Don't worry if pieces are odd shapes you can trim excess off
Just keep going round and round, ensure that each strip you add is long enough to reach the end of the fabric your covering and remember your working out so seams are on the outside edges.
Once you've covered the whole piece of padding
You can then trim off any excess fabric (over hanging)
And your nearly there, now cut a piece of backing fabric and stitch bias around the edge to finish off
I always machine sew the bias on the front then fold over and hand stitch it on the back to have a neat finish.
And Voila one finished mat. These are fun to make as there is no right or wrong and each one is completely different. Also a great way to use up small scraps of favourite fabrics.
These are the first two I ever made, but since then have made dozens.
Now a tip if you make a mistake and find when you finish that you have a small gap or raw edge, just cut a small shape I used hearts and stitch them over the offending area! Like I said there are no right or wrongs and no one would know that you hadn't planned it like that in the first place!

You really can make these any size from coaster to table runner and the little mats make great pressies with a nice plain mug for people in the office at Christmas, something personal but very useful.
Okay that's me for today, mat made, coffee made all that's left is for me to curl up in front of the telly and watch a couple of hours of DIY SOS.
Happy Sunday (even if it is disgusting!)


Dinki Dots said...

Great idea!

Sue Vaughan said...

They look amazing. I was just going to be lazy and watch TV but I just may give this a go. Thanks! Sue x

Hoke said...

Happy New Year!!!

Emma Pearce said...

You are so, so talented. I am so glad you are still blogging. I love all your blogs :)

Sharon Cadman said...

Oh my! They are cute! I will have to start saving my scraps now as i have previously been wasting them :(
Thank you for the great idea!