Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Ok so I haven't been round much! Its been a busy year what with work, family and all the usual. Then of course there was grandchild number 4s arrival.
He's now 4 months and granchild number 5 due in another couple of months (different daughter lol).

Then there was the commonwealth games, four weeks of long hours but loads of fun.
Met loads of amazing people and would highly recommend the experience to everyone!

So basically just life but why I'm posting is because what has happened to blogger? I know its been awhile since I last looked at it (nearly a year?) but now I can't find all my watched blogs and I used to have hundreds. So how am I supposed to see you all??

Any ideas? or am I just being incredibly blonde and missing the obvious?

LOL Ok just gone back into my dashboard and you've all appeared! Will spend the next week catching up on what you've all been up to while I was gone.

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