Thursday, 31 December 2015

Bad blogger

Well I have been a very bad blogger! It's amazing how time flies, we all think I'll do it tomorrow and then before you know it tomorrow becomes next week, next month, next year argh!!
Since my last post I have had yet another grandchild, the adorable Ailsa who actually turned 1 on 14 November (yes over a year since last blog so bad bad blogger).

I have drifted away from blogging over the past couple of years I guess favoring the instant access/ response of Facebook and its by pure fluke that I'm here today. My Ipad is up in the bedroom where hubby sleeps and woe betide anyone who wakes him, so I'm on the old laptop! I thought whilst waiting for him to stir I would do a quick online food shop and upon opening up my internet there on the fav bar is the link to "my blog"! I'd forgotten how much I love it, my own page just for me and you! No random interruptions from ads or posts from vague acquaintances like on facebook, just us.
I'm not one for resolutions but if I make one for this coming year it is to try and blog more, after all I only need to blog twice next year and I'll have achieved it lol. I hope life has been good to you all over the past year and that the next year is even better. I am now away to catch up on all your blogs and see what i've been missing out on.
See you all soon and Happy New Year 

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