Sunday, 9 January 2011

An Award

I have just received an award from the lovely Jenny over at buttons, ribbons and other things
This is the 3rd awards I've received and I'm running out of interesting facts about myself so the thought of having to find another 7 eek.................
Anyway here goes
1. Love spots especially red and white.
2. Love silver, I'm not really a gold person so if it's gold it has to be white gold.
3.I'm asthmatic although having enormous boobs doesn't help.
4. I bite my nails badly!
5. I'm an ex smoker although at times of stress I tend to lapse!
6. Have a phobia of needles, especially those enormous ones at the dentist!
7. I worked in hospitality for 20yrs as a manger and then retrained as an Accounts Technician but after redundancy 2yrs ago am now a fulltime job hunter lol when I'm not crafting!
Oh that wasn't so bad but if you want to know more look here and here

Anyway now I'm supposed to nominate 15 blogs so here goes
Amanda makes

I have put a couple extra in for luck so tell us 7 things and pass it on to 15 bloggers





Amy said...

lovely to hear more about you x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

OOH Thank You darling! I hardle ever get awards so I am very pleased with this one!!! I will probably post in about 10 days as I have a few posts planned for this week - Thanks Again!!!

Betty said...

nail biter and ex smoker - me too! interesting life - I bet the hospitality work has been interesting and varied. I do like to know a little bit about everyone in blogland so am starting to like these awards. Thanks for revealing a bit about the real you.

Kandi said...

Yay, thanks honey! I love to read these and get to know more about each other, I am just sooooo nosey :)
I will think up some more facts about me and post soon.
Kandi x

Amanda said...

Hi Pene! Thank you so much for including me. Hope you're feeling a little better. Lots of love my dear, Amanda xxx

emma bear forever said...

Thank you Pene ~ I will have to have a think about this xxx

Emma Kate said...

Thank you so much Pene...I too have enormous boobs ;)

Pink Milk said...

Bless you sweet Pene, thank you! Hope you're ok.

I, on the other hand, don't have big boobs but should love them for just 24 hours ... I would parade around in a strappy top and see if they really do slap together when rolling over in bed! :-D


Fraggle Emma said...

Awww I've only just seen this! Thank you :0)
I bought an extra special card for yourself as thought you were in on the birthday swap but you're not :( Got to send you it! xx