Thursday, 23 June 2011

Button Swap

This morning when I got home from shopping I had a lovely surprise, my button swap had arrived. Unfortunately the first parcel Jackie sent me getting lost in that big black hole known as the Royal Mail, so she very kindly sent me another. So many little pink parcels!!
And  look what was inside
A feast of goodies
A lovely tin with a pic of Daisy on and filled with goreous buttons
More Buttons
Even more buttons this time chocolate!!
A lovely lavender bag
Gorgeous little cushion that's now hanging in my bedroom
Yay a daisy note pad to stick on my fridge
And finally
A stunning fabric frame with a button heart picture.
Thank you so much Jackie I feel very spoilt and extremely lucky.

Right I've also signed up for a couple more swaps, the next being the Faith, Hope and Charity swap I'm just not sure when that's due by?? Think it's the end of July or was it June?? One of these days I'll get organised..
Anyway the craft fair calls so better get back to my very quiet craft room, am so missing the company of my telly!!


Dazie said...

Such gorgeous goodies! I really must take part in a swap at some point, I never get around to it!

Jackie said...

So pleased this one arrived safely and you love it all! Thanks for being such a fab swap partner xxx

Kandi said...

Fab goodies from Jackie! What a pain that they lost the first one.
We have been paired in Lynda's Magic Ball Swap! Exciting; ill drop you an email soon.
Kandi xx

Sandie said...

Lovely stuff!

Sandie xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

oooh lovely goodies! One of my giveaways went awol = bloomin RM! At least you got a second chance though and what swag!

Just saw you won dots and spots giveaway too! Yippee x

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

fabby goodies... lucky you and you have just won Dots and Spots... your on a lucky streak... quick do the lotto...

carrad said...

I'm doing my first swap. It's very exciting and looking at blogs like yours with fab swappy things makes it even MORE exciting! What lovely things you've been receiving. xxx

Jenevieve said...

What a lovely swap parcel! How kind of her to send another after the first disappeared into Royal Mail's black hoe, I've had a few packages go that way recently too! Hope you had a lovely sunny weekend! :) x