Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Oh god we've gone digital!!

Am seriously depressed, just went up to my craft room to work. Switched on my little telly to watch Cash in the attic then Wimbledon and all I got was fuzz!!
It was okay last night but obviously digital has finally hit.
I know it's progress but the telly in my craft room and come to that all the ones in the bedrooms are old (at least 10yrs!) so now the only one I can watch is the massive sky one in the lounge.
How am I going to work? I could drag everything downstairs but don't think G would be too impressed with that. But more to the point how am I going to sleep? As someone who suffers from tinitus the only way I can get to sleep is to have background noise till I nod off..

Not A Happy Bunny


Bee happy said...

Oh no! hope you sort something out soon :) you've got to have your telly!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Dazie said...

Oh you poor thing I have tv up in my bedroom and it keeps me company when I am crafting so I understand how you feel. There is away of using older tv's in rooms, my daughter has one in hers and hubby fixed it so she can get digital, so you may just need to get a digi box up there, they are fairly cheap now adays.

Catch you soon

Angela Bell said...

TRy Radio 4 ,I have tinnitus too!