Friday, 24 February 2012

Lifes to short for word verification

 What is the bloody point!
Okay I am going to start ranting now so beware!
I love blogging and enjoy leaving comments which hopefully you enjoy receiving BUT what I don't enjoy is when you go to post your comment and word verification comes up!!
If you are new to blogging or even if your not you may not realise that it comes up automatically when people comment unless YOU SWITCH IT OFF!
I have no idea what the purpose of it is but it's bloody annoying especially when you can't actually make out what that wiggly blurry messy is supposed to be, and they're not even real words just a random selection of letters. I can see no need for this " facility" if you want to check the comments you receive prior to them being viewed by others then use MODERATION!
Okay calm down, I can feel my blood pressure rising.

So please check if your comments require word verification, it could be stopping you from receiving lots more comments. If you value your followers and are grateful of their comments then respect the time they spend commenting and appreciate the time they waste having to verify them and just switch it off!
If you do decide to remove word verification it's easy you just go to settings and then comments! Please give it some thought!

Thank you I just had to get this off my chest as I have just had four attempt at verifing a comment all rejected so gave up, see someone hasn't received my comment!

I now need chocolate so if I've put on weight tomorrow it's all bloggers fault

Rant over!

Update!! I now have a "word verification is off" button at the side of my blog which Lucy at Charm about you has on her blog . She says feel free to put it on yours


Kandi said...

Here here!!!
Kandi x

Liz said...

They seem to have changed it recently and it is much more difficult to make out what the words are - I've been having trouble too!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

VintageVicki said...

Here here - I've always hated it but even more so since they've changed to longer 'words' in a stupid font! In fact I planned to blog/moan about this soon!!

And breathe ;)

The undomesticated scientist said...

I've taken to jotting down the silly words. No idea what ill do with them but thought they should be of some use. Perhaps I will make them into a piece of art and win the turner prize.

LaaLaa said...

I'm with you, Hun! Like Vicki, I am planning a similar blog post myself. I think it is meant to deter spammers and trolls but I don't really think it works. I can't stand it, especially now they've changed it to the stupid two distorted words. My brain just doesn't recognise it. I tried commenting on someone's blog today and after three attempts to write the word verification and failing, I gave up and didn't comment. Gggrr! X

Mary Ann said...

I've got a new button on my blog that says my blog is verification free because it drives me nuts and I really don't need any more help with that:)

carrad said...

Agreed! I know I'm not a robot (is that supposed to be amusing?) Thanks for sharing. xxx

andamento said...

I've just switched mine off before reading this, the current form is most annoying. Will be interesting to see if it makes any difference...