Tuesday, 12 March 2013

2013 stinks!!

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging but sometimes life just over takes you and you become so absorbed by trying to deal with all the crap it's handing out that doing the things you love are very low on your list of priorities.
 The past 6 weeks have been a complete nightmare with one blow to our family after another and there are days I honestly don't think I can take anymore. Two of my three children have had relationship breakdowns, we have had two family bereavements and then to top it all last week my darling husband was assaulted in a coffee shop of all places, he is now recovering from a head injury but seeing him lying unconcious in a pool of blood still gives me nightmares and I don't think I'll ever forget.
But for all our bad luck we have found that our family is strong, we stick together and support each other however we can. Even though we live more than 300 miles apart as soon as the kids heard about G they wanted to come to support me. After weeks of being there for them they were there for me.
I'm sharing this not for you sympathy or pity but to apologise for being absent and to say I'll be back I'm not sure when but I will be back and in the meantime I'll dip into blogland when I can to try and keep up with you all.

All the best to you all


Sue Vaughan said...

Oh my goodness! How awful for you all. Hopefully things will pick up for you and there will be no more crap to come your way. I hope your husband recovers quickly. I cannot begin to imagine how you feel Sue x

Tracy said...

Oh Pene, what a terrible time you are having, I hope your husband is in the mend very soon. It sounds like your family are strong and I'm sure that together happier times will come your way xx

Kandi said...

Oh honey how awful I can't imagine how you have managed these past few months. I hope your hubby is soon fighting fit and hopefully this year can only get better for you. It's amazing how strong you can be when you have to. Stay strong xxx

bibbitybob said...

What a horrible time you have been having. Sending lots of virtual love and hugs xxx

Sheila said...

I hope things are starting to get better now. I read your last post about your son and your husband, how awful, i am so sorry.
You are right about being strong, there is a bond around your family-who you want it to be drawn around-then you just have to get your head down and weather the storm.
I really hope things start to get back on the right track.