Wednesday, 27 March 2013


I don't want to jinx things but have just managed two weeks with nothing disasterous happening so fingers crossed things are getting better. Well apart from the weather of course which seems to have gone completely bonkers. Snowed all day friday, 6" lying with deep drifts on saturday, sunday it started to melt slowly then today it's been snowing all day again??

 Mind you at least I don't live on Arran they've had no power since friday last week and scottish power are "hoping" that it'll be fixed by this friday!! Every night I look out to see if the lights are on yet but no luck and it's so bloody cold.
Still there is one member of our household who's loving it and that's Daisy. She's like a kid rolling in the snow and tossing it in the air with her nose, you can't help but laugh.


Kate said...

Hi Pene,

Over from Find a friend Friday on Sew many ways. Saw your picture of you and your dog and just had to visit! Glad I did, your blog looks great and will definitely be checking it out some more.

Pleased to meet you

The Tales of Me

Kate said...

oops meant to say gorgeous pictures. Weather has been bonkers hasn't it. I live in Surrey so only had a bit.



Sheila said...

How cute!!! My Daisy is a funny little thing too, then you tell her off and try to get her inside where she will be warm. They really are like naughty little children!

Kristine Vicente said...

Hi! I saw your cute Westie on Sew Many Ways, too and popped in to check out your post...

I too, have a Westie, named Maggie, and love her to pieces. She's so playful and funny and such a good little companion (when she too, is not being stubborn and naughty!). She has a "sister", a long-haired Daschund, named Dolly, who she loves to play with, eat with, snuggle with...they are two peas in a pod! We love them like family.

I can't believe you are still getting snow! That's awful for this time of year! We are in full Spring with temps in the high 60's this week...really beautiful! (unless you are prone to pollen allergies, then it's misery for sure!)

Thank you for sharing your Westie!
Kristine Vicente
Glastonbury, CT USA

Amanda Makes said...

Hi Pene! Lovely to hear from you. Sounds like you may be having a tough time too. Do email me Pene if ever you want to. I think of you often xxxx